What Kelvin’s students say about his
“Turning Within” Meditation...

Click on photo  to read full interview with Kate Beckinsale on the   Today Show  .

Click on photo to read full interview with Kate Beckinsale on the Today Show.

The meditating thing is something I resisted for decades. It used to irritate me when people used to say, “you should do that.” Actually, I’ve found it completely transformative.

As a culture, we’ve become not used to taking a still pause. It’s so good for you. I’m blown away by how helpful it’s been.

Kelvin has been an invaluable part of my support system. I meditate with him regularly wherever I am working in the world. Kelvin is a kind and caring teacher, and a wonderful human being.

— Kate Beckinsale, actress, Los Angeles


Inflammatory Bowel Disease... nausea, blockages, surgeries, meditation has saved me...

I suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Disease and after-effects from multiple surgeries which leads to adhesions. Sometimes, I have severe intestinal tract distress raging from nausea, blockages, bloating, constipation or diarrhea. Kelvin’s Turning Within Meditation has saved me on many occasions. Just recently, I had a dress rehearsal for a performance the next day and I meditated virtually with Kelvin as I was having debilitating symptoms. After meditation, it gave me enough energy to get through the rehearsal and performance instead of checking into a hospital bed. This is only one time I describe. There are many more! Highly recommended for not only stress reduction but for symptom management.

— Sharon Coyle-Saeed, Founder of ibdjourneys, LMSW,
Reiki Master, Grief & Trauma Specialist and Actress 

How Meditation Has Eliminated My Anxiety...

I just wanted to share my experience with Kelvin and my daily experience every day with my meditations. When I begin my day with meditation, it creates a solid, calm, clear, foundation for the day ahead. My abilities to think clearly and logically are heightened, my emotional stresses are lessened, and my anxiety is eliminated. When I end my day with meditation, a long hard day is cleared from my mind, and I’m able to look back on the day with a more rational train of thought. I used to suffer from anxiety attacks on almost a daily basis, and rarely do I ever feel them anymore. I truly owe it all to Kelvin and the skill set he has provided me for my lifetime. He has changed my life for the better, and with every meditation I feel stronger, wiser, happier, more wholesome, and aligned with my positive forward journey.

— Lily O’Dare, New York


can now dream big...

I can now dream big only because of your guidance in meditation. I am indebt to you. Thanks once again.
Take care.

Make some time to visit Bangladesh. I will be overwhelmed if you can make some time to visit my house.

[Recent update received about a big exam he was studying for:]

“I was relaxed and calm before and while I was taking my important government civil service exam that I studied for over many months before. 

I was so calm, I didn’t get any kind of nervousness during the exam.

I was pretty sure that I would definitely get anxious during the exam but it didn’t happen at all. I think this is all because of the meditation technique I have been doing for the last couple of months, all credit goes to Kelvin, he taught me how meditation can keep me calm during this period, I want to thank Kelvin from the bottom of my heart.”

— Aashik, Bangladesh

Jamila Battle, MD

Jamila Battle, MD

Restorative sleep regenerates brain cells...“Turning Within” Meditation has similar scientifically verified benefits...

I recently worked with Kelvin to better understand meditation. So many forms of meditation focus on “waking state metrics.” As a board certified sleep physician, I can tell you that this makes no sense. Kelvin teaches “Turning Within” Meditation which allows the mind to not have to fight thoughts, and so they are not experienced as distractions. This process is effortless which allows the mind to experience greater peacefulness and inner calm much like the state of sleep. Restorative sleep regenerates brain cells associated with learning, emotion and memory. Turning Within Meditation has similar scientifically verified benefits to learning, memory, and more. I recommend Turning Within Meditation.

— Jamila Battle, MD, Board Certified Family, Sleep and Addiction Medicine, Raleigh, North Carolina


army veteran...major depressive disorder...severe anxiety attacks, insomnia...i am finally able to sleep, am calmer, more relaxed...miraculous...

I am a veteran of the U.S. Army suffering from a major depressive disorder.  This condition has led to reclusive behavior that has hindered my ability to enjoy life.  I have experienced severe anxiety attacks and insomnia which leaves me chronically fatigued. I began using Kelvin Chin’s “Turning Within” method of meditation about a month ago.  The frequency and severity of the attacks have lessened and I am finally able to sleep.  I am calmer and much more relaxed throughout the day.  This is a miraculous development for me, I look forward to continuing the program to realize more fully its effects.  I wholeheartedly recommend this method to anyone who seeks positive change in their lives !

— Sy Rodriguez, U.S. Army veteran


explains in a METHODICAL AND RATIONAL way...

I love hearing all of Kelvin’s lectures and meditation sessions. He explains himself in a very methodical, rational way that is very unique and pleasant to hear. I look forward to every session he comes with and I’m glad I came across his book on Amazon, “Overcoming the Fear of Death.” It was the only book I came across that wasn’t just doom and gloom

I also found his Turning Within Technique very helpful and peaceful for the mind. As emotional, rather than logical creatures that we are, the mind needs this to reset itself everyday in order to optimize everyday performance. His technique is a much needed optimizer that everyone should have to significantly improve the quality of his or her life to enjoy it to its fullest.

— K. Chen

CLICK to Watch VIDEO of Jeremy…

CLICK to Watch VIDEO of Jeremy…


Meditation is the cure for a fearful and overly busy mind. I met Kelvin three years ago after my mom passed away. I had always been terrified by the thought of death and the idea of not existing. The fear often consumed me and I did all I could to simply not think of it. I searched the internet regularly for advice and help conquering this fear. That is when I found Kel and decided to give his form of meditation a try. Meditation teaches you how to live in the moment and to stop worrying about the future naturally. We can not control our thoughts...no one can. Meditation slows our busy minds down and allows us to truly be present in the moment, which unfortunately doesn’t happen naturally for most people. For me this practice absolutely took the fear of death and a lot of other future related fears I didn’t even acknowledge away without any focus or additional effort from me.

I realized one day not too long ago that my fear was completely gone. It didn’t happen instantly but it happened and I’m not even sure when exactly. I am more calm and happier than ever and I just don’t care about what I cannot understand anymore. I was such a slave to that fear that I can’t even believe I’m writing this now. Learning to live in the moment is the true secret to lasting happiness in my opinion. Kel is an awesome human being and a true gift to others. I couldn’t recommend him and his practice more. Thank you, Kel.

— Jeremy Taylor, Canyon Lake, California

greater peace, more alert during the day...

I’m so lucky to have the chance of learning meditation from Kelvin three months ago. It is so easy to do, but the benefits are great. I feel greater peace inside, more alert and focused during the day, and sleep less without feeling tired. Kelvin is very easygoing and easy to communicate with. He made everything easy, no stress. Thank you for helping me to bring out the inner peace — it helped me to stay calm and sane during my toughest time of family challenges.

— Jian Ding, Austin, Texas


in tornado alley...able to relax, be calm...answer to my prayer!

I began meditating with Kelvin over a year ago with the main goal of helping with anxiety. I recently had something happen that really showed me just how much it’s helped. Growing up in tornado alley I had developed a phobia of tornadoes. I had had to take cover many times throughout my life, and  I would be terrified. As a child I would panic and cry, and as an adult I would shake uncontrollably and be just generally miserable. Recently I had to take cover from what appeared to be an approaching tornado with some of my friends. As we were huddled together I could feel one friend shaking next to me and could see the concern on the lady’s face across from me. This used to be me, but something amazing happened. I was able to relax and became really calm. The difference was I had been meditating regularly for many months.  I was peaceful and it was in such sharp contrast to my previous experiences. The time I had spent in meditation truly paid off. The effects of the meditation are an absolute answer to prayer! Anxiety and fear sucks. Lol. And this meditation really helps!

— J from Kansas



I, very recently, learned to meditate with Kelvin. I have to say that it has honestly, positively, changed my life. 

I have always been afraid of dying, but after losing my son six yrs. ago... in a horrible accident, my fears increased. I reached out to Kel for help. I am so happy I did. Not only did my anxiety about death decrease dramatically, but all of my other anxieties have decreased as well.  It was interfering with my desire to get out there and live! I was bound by my thoughts. It was awful. Not anymore. I am me again! I feel as if I have been “set free” from that weight on my shoulders, and those thoughts in my head. 

Also, my grief over my son has gotten...for lack of a better word...lighter. I’ll always miss my child, and the pain will always be there, but I know it won’t be as difficult anymore. Just knowing that I can handle it now, is an amazing feeling. Meditation helps me get my grief OUT. I could never just let go, and cry very much. I have done that now, and I feel so much better. I have learned, through meditation, how to “let go” of the negative things, and concentrate on the good. After six years of absolute torment (in my mind), I no longer feel like I have to live that way. I know I don’t!!  Now, THAT...for me, is nothing short of a miracle. 

Kelvin is one of the most genuine, and kindest souls I have ever known. He really cares about all of us. He wants to help us all LIVE life to the fullest. We waste so much of our time on negativity. Kel teaches us how to get rid of that junk. To be happy, to live in the “here and now.”  We don’t have to stay in the place that causes us to feel down all the time, we can be happy in this life. If I can use this wonderful tool, and reap the benefits, anyone can. I was the biggest skeptic ever!

If you haven’t reached out to Kelvin, and you are having problems in life...if you’re hurting, have anxieties, or just want to feel better, try it!!  I know that you won’t be disappointed. I’m now hooked on Kel’s amazing meditation technique, and I’m loving it!! 

Thank you Kel. So very much. 

— Phyllis Pendergrass, Hammond, Louisiana


Peace and pleasure on a daily basis...

Kelvin is indeed a Master of the art & science of teaching a Meditation process that continues to give me peace and pleasure on a daily basis. As a practitioner of numerous meditation techniques for over 40+ years, I am delighted to recommend his training to one and all. PEACE,

— Brother Ed Salisbury, D.Div., Austin, Texas


relaxing and dynamic...taught me how to slow the day down...

A few months ago I began practicing Kelvin’s relaxation/meditation techniques. Not only are the sessions relaxing but also dynamic. Quite often during and but most often after most meditations, I experience different levels of calm whether it be from exploring “outside the bucket” scenario or the ability to ignore otherwise annoying distractions (as in the Train car story). 

It’s taught me how to slow the day down and take a step back for observation before action. 

During the first few weeks, I quickly learned that on days when I didn’t have the time or “proper” opportunity to relax using Kelvin’s guidelines, I felt something was missing from my day. Now I can’t drive in Boston traffic without it!

— “Sus” Susi, Event Production Manager, Norwood, Massachusetts

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Known Kelvin since kindergarten...had back and neck pain, now pain-free, overall feeling of well being...

I’ve wanted to learn how to meditate for years and now have had the opportunity to learn from someone who I completely trust. I’ve known Kelvin for over 60 years and know his background from kindergarten to today. While he was becoming an Eagle Scout I was running a craps game in the back room. I would be skeptical about his method of teaching meditation if I didn’t know him so well, because it just seems too easy but the results are too evident.

I’ve had my share of physical injuries and couldn’t walk for a few years but miraculously recovered. I still have one major problem — my upper back, neck and shoulders ache. I was told I have arthritis but since meditating the pain has all but disappeared and sometimes I forget that I have problems in that area at all. It’s true, I’ve been releasing stress and have an overall feeling of well being but the proof is I don’t have the pain. Now when I wake up to face the day I’m happy to get out of bed so I can meditate and start my day off right. My new slogan — meditate don’t medicate! Thank you Kel.

— Don “Harpo” DeRoma, musician, “Rogue Rage Duo,” Norwood, Massachusetts and Medford, Oregon



Good evening, Kel! I wanted to update you on how I’m doing. 

So the meditation is going great, my anxiety surrounding everything in my life has lessened even my existential dread and fear has improved significantly and I feel more at peace with myself and what the future holds. 

Concerning the fear of death specifically, the meditation has helped and I am facing it with less fear and more bravery than I ever had before and the feeling is nothing short of liberating

In combination of the meditation and conquering fear, this has helped me in other ways as well. I am doing better in my college work, my confidence, my job, my relationships, everything. I feel like a new person. 

The meditation is effortless and feels natural I have never had so much success in a technique. Thank you for all of your guidance and teachings!

— Kevin Taulbee, 20-year-old college student, New York

Allen, D.O.

Allen, D.O.

panic attacks and anxiety...

I am a physician working in NYC.

I first had panic attacks and anxiety when I was 18 years old and have been well for many years since I first learned how to live a life free of these uncomfortable physical and psychological sensations.

I recently had a return of my symptoms and was recommended to learn meditation with Kelvin.

I first met Kelvin a month ago on 7/31/2018. Though there was a part of me that was skeptical about learning meditation, its effect on my mind and body, and if it would even work, I knew that I had to try something new to help myself live a life free of panic and constant anxiety. Long story short — in exactly the past month, Kelvin has been a crucial part of not only my support system, a wise friend, but also an instrumental asset to my steady recovery.

Now for the longer version.

From the very first conversation, Kelvin took the time to really understand my individual situation. One of my initial concerns was that such a technique would be a “one size fits all” approach — and what if this one size doesn’t fit my situation and my needs. Though the technique itself is universal, Kelvin helped personalize my experience with learning meditation — melding his forty plus years of knowledge and experience with meditation to assuage each and every one of my concerns as they came up. I cannot stress this minute but absolutely essential fact — Kelvin literally addressed EVERY concern I had

Why is this so essential? Because for people like me, (and I know from personal and professional experience that there are thousands and millions of people who experience very similar situations as I did with my panic and anxiety) having certain concerns that linger in my thoughts without being addressed can build up and create a larger problem long term. Kelvin was keen to recognize this and address them one by one until I was fully comfortable with the meditation.

What did this accomplish for me? Once I felt fully comfortable with the meditation, I was able to meditate comfortably and easily twice a day everyday. Eventually, the initial warm up period and the technique itself became irrelevant, and I was able to simply lay down and rest — and that in itself was my meditation. My brain, mind and body became psychologically and physiologically acclimated to automatically reproduce the overwhelming positive effects of my meditation that Kelvin helped train them (my brain, mind and body) to do. This occurs when I close my eyes and simply start with my rest period irrespective of whether I do my warm up or technique phases prior to the rest period. 

I cannot thank Kelvin enough for his guidance, wisdom and friendship. He is a genuine human being with the soul of a gallant warrior.

Believe me, I would not take the take to write this if I didn’t truly mean every word of it.

I would happily write pages and pages more about my experience at the expense of people reading this losing focus of its purpose — that is to help persuade their subconscious mind that meditation works, but it works because of the teacher and the experience that teacher exposes you to. Kelvin is that teacher and he is a God-send.

Once again, thank you Kelvin!

— Allen, DO, New York City


Panic attacks...could not sleep...

Three years ago I had a major change in my life which included getting married, accepting a new position in my company and moving to a new country. That’s when I first started getting panic attacks. After a few weeks, the symptoms deteriorated but never went away. In the last three years, my anxiety has had it’s ups and downs, and two weeks ago I started having panic attacks so intense that I could not sleep. That’s when I found Kel by googling, desperately looking for some help! I decided to drop him an email and was pleasantly surprised to get a response within a few hours. We scheduled our first session the very next day, and today I feel much, much better! Kel’s meditation technique is helping me get a grip of my life again. Of course, I am not there yet, but with Kel’s help and guidance, things look brighter!

— Jovan, Kuwait


Simplified...More effective... important to understanding our spiritual existence...

I’ve been meditating for nearly 50 years, but I’m learning something new with Kelvin. This is a fresh approach to looking inward for me. The approach that he has developed through his long history of meditation has simplified the experience to where it is actually more effective. Kelvin’s profoundly informative teachings and methods are truly important to anyone who is seeking to further understand and appreciate the validity of their own Spiritual existence. Kelvin’s approach to meditation is simple and, with practice, deeply enlightening.

I’m grateful we found each other.

— John Hjort, musician (formerly with Beau Brummels), Oregon & the Philippines


My back relaxed...helped with healing process...peaceful and clarity of thought...

I recently started meditating under Kelvin’s guidance. I was concerned that I would have to hold a seated pose which could exacerbate the pain I had due to compressed fractures down my spine, and almost backed out of the class.

Kelvin encouraged me to find a position that was comfortable for me, and not to feel that I had to mimic his or others’ positions. Over the past two months, I have tried different positions, from lying on my side, to sitting with a pillow behind my back. I have adjusted my position according to the comfort level.

I am glad that I overcame my hesitation. The peace and relaxation I have achieved through meditation, as well as clarity of thought, have helped my back also relax, and I think have helped with the healing process. Thank you, Kelvin!

— marypaz, Norwood, Massachusetts


Positive and progressive mental/emotional shifts...life changes...

This class vividly clarified and solidly reinforced the importance of letting go. I am encouraged to remain committed to meditation. I have not only experienced positive and progressive mental/emotional shifts since beginning the daily practice you’ve taught me; I’m also excited to declare that the benefits of turning within during my recent recovery from physical illness could not have been more obvious or profound. There is no doubt in my mind that TW has impacted my life significantly. 

Kelvin, you admonish your clients to embrace the objective of the meditation which is to: Change the structure of our overall life experiences. Initially, I engaged with cautious optimism, however after only 3 short months of practicing your technique I now enter into mediation with reckless abandon. I can bear witness to the “life changes” and benefits of “turning within.

Thanks for all you do!  

— Kimmi Ladson Walker, Las Vegas, Nevada


“fear of living” that started after my 4 NDE’s is now gone... 

My native language as you know is Español and my 2nd language is English — I hope I spelled everything ok. The book “Overcoming the Fear of Death” by Kelvin Chin and his Meditation technique is helping me in a way I never thought was possible. So simple yet so profound is the book and the meditation technique that is helping me change and accept my reality as human being, as difficult as it may be. I never thought something so undemanding would help me, and as painful as it may be with many difficult circumstances I am going through (I have had several NDE’s, Near-Death Experiences), I am finding the faith to accept one day at a time — the reality this has shown me in my life. Thank you Kelvin.

I love your teachings.  It’s doing wonders for me exactly as you told me the day you called me back. Now I can fall asleep which was impossible before.

God Bless You :)
Lots of light to you!

— Fritz M. Müller, Mexico and Münich, Germany
     (after 4th NDE, in a medically-induced coma for 7 weeks,            then contacted Kelvin shortly afterwards)


Tumors, cancer...a calm never experienced before... overwhelming stress gone...

Over the last 5 years I have had some serious medical illnesses — including tumors, cancer, and demyelinating sensorimotor polyneuropathy. Some of my symptoms involve not breathing well due to deflated lung bases, tingling in my arms and legs, weakness throughout my body, and loss of muscle mass and use. Several  years ago I was not able to move my body for several hours at a time. For someone as active as I was before this happened, I was in a very vulnerable place, and my Fight or Flight Response escalated. I had no idea if I were going to live or die and didn’t know what was happening to me physically. I have not been able to regulate my Fight or Flight Response since these symptoms occurred. 

I have been meditating less than a week and I feel a calm that I have never experienced before. My mind and body are eliminating so much 'junk' physically, mentally, and emotionally. I don’t have that ongoing overwhelming stress in my body. Thank you Kelvin for teaching me meditation — what a tremendous gift you have shared with me.  

— Corrina, Medford, Oregon


Benzodiazepine withdrawal... miraculous results from meditation...brings tears to my eyes...

I want to tell you what a blessing Kelvin’s meditation technique has been for me. I recently went through a hard time in benzodiazepine withdrawal. Benzodiazepines are meds like Ativan, Valium, and Xanax. Initially I struggled so much to make it day to day. I slowed down my tapering off of the medication and did a few other things and they helped, but then came this meditation. It REALLY helped! It has been a hard road, but miraculously and by the grace of God I am making it. I feel some peacefulness now and times with no worry. If you are in withdrawal you know this is a BIG deal. I can tell this meditation really does change the brain for the better — and quickly! Please if you are looking at this situation with these meds I have a little advice: connect with benzo wise people in support groups on the internet, taper so slowly, and DISCUSS MEDITATION WITH YOUR DOCTOR. THIS is the meditation I am talking about. THIS meditation helped me so much it brings tears to my eyes. I tried many other types, but this was astoundingly effective. I wish I had done this before trying meds! Another thing I want to tell you is what a kind, caring man Kelvin is. He means it when he says he is there for you after the lessons. He continues to teach refresher sessions, wants you to ask questions if you have them, and is very willing to meditate with his students. Kelvin, you have been such a blessing to me and may the Lord bless you so!!! All the best!!! 

— J., Texas


Words can’t express my gratitude...I was lost, confused, unbalanced, full of fear and worry 24/7...

Words can’t express my gratitude for what this man was able to do for me. I was lost, confused, unbalanced, full of fear and worry 24/7. It SUCKED! I never went to a doctor because I know that anxiety doesn’t need a pill, it needs inner peace. I was in search of a cure, a coach, someone who truly knew how to fix what I needed help with. I spoke to Kelvin before the program and his insight led me to understand he was the coach I needed. I’ve been practicing his technique now. I won’t tell you what to look for other than to trust him and his love for what he does and know that he will lead you where you need to go.
Thank you Kel!

— Miguel Chavez, Los Angeles, California


Amazing results...profoundly effective...

Saw such amazing RESULTS! And Kelvin was very devoted, genuine, and kind! I could go on and on but in the interest of the privacy of some people close to me I am simply going to say, “Wow!!!!” And, “Thank God!!!!” This is profoundly effective.

— Jennifer Struck (& family), Texas


Key differences from
TM meditation technique...

I had learned and been practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM) for about a year and a half when I was fortunate enough to meet Kelvin and learn his style of meditation.  For me TM felt like it had a goal or requirement of reaching “transcendence” for a meditation session to count or matter.  I felt like I was always trying to reach this level of consciousness that would signal I had transcended and therefore had a worthy meditation.  In short, TM always felt forced and over time I noticed it was harder and harder to maintain a regular practice.  For that reason I was instantly relieved and drawn towards Kel’s Turning Within meditation when he gave me his two rules: 1) be comfortable and 2) no forcing.  It just made sense to me to let my mind explore itself in a completely different way, but yet come back to the sound (my mantra) when I noticed I was off of it.  Kelvin helped me understand and appreciate that any thoughts I had during meditation were not a negative, but simply the release of stress and fatigue as my body was settling down.  With the Turning Within meditation I am really able to let go and experience my mind during meditation rather than hoping or expecting to reach a specific point during the process.  

The other key difference that Kelvin stressed was the importance of a rest period at the end of the meditation that was not part of any of the TM training I received.  That rest period has served as a valuable transition back to waking state after my meditation sessions and I have come to find it extremely relaxing and rewarding.  

Overall I believe Kelvin’s past experience with TM makes his Turning Within meditation much more beneficial.  Kelvin was able to take the positive aspects of TM (as well as other practices) and integrate them into a meditation that is easy, comfortable and effective.  Most importantly, I never felt that Kelvin was judgmental or critical of TM.  He has found, in my opinion, a better version of it.

— Blake Drew, DDS, Oregon


simple & profound...addresses the cause of resistance to daily meditation practice...

Kelvin’s technique is simple, profound and addresses the root cause of everyones resistance to a daily meditation practice. He is a truly compassionate being and assists all in any way possible. His offer to have a Lifetime membership is beautiful and we all thank you! He consistently allows us to meet and ask questions and do a meditation with him. Wonderful soul!

— Claudia Logan, RN (Registered Nurse), Los Angeles

Not hard or out of reach...huge difference in my energy, patience, clarity...

I knew that there had to be a better way for me to relax and practice self-care that didn’t take hours a day. I had the good fortune of meeting Kelvin and hearing about his meditation course, and I knew it was time to embark on a new adventure. 

Kelvin’s course was so helpful and really made meditation not seem so hard or out of reach. I have been meditating for almost a week, and I plan to keep going. It seems to be making a huge difference in my energy, patience, and clarity in such a short amount of time. I definitely would recommend working with Kelvin if you are looking for a teacher who will support you without judgement and who leads by example (Kelvin has been meditating and teaching meditation for 40+ years). 

— Laura Jack, Life Coach & Grief Recovery, Portland, Oregon


with my hectic schedule...centering and calming in midst of chaos...avoiding the Fight or flight switch...

I have done several different styles of meditation over the years, and Kelvins approach is the Best out there! His teaching is based on the idea that meditation can be done effortlessly anywhere, which definitely appealed to me and my hectic schedule, and it has assisted in my centering and calming in the midst of chaos. I am slowly developing the ability to not have instant reactions to intense interactions with others, and avoiding the fight or flight switch which was my ‘norm’ of the past. I’m very grateful for having taken his class and can highly recommend it to anyone interested in changing reactionary patterns and dealing with stress in an improved fashion with a healthier outcome!

— Jackie Shaffer, Director of Sales, Monterey, California


Never felt in control of my stress till now...

I’ve tried other meditations before, Kelvin’s technique is simple and enjoyable. I’ve never felt in control of my stress till now. He is truly gifted and goes out of his way to help...
Thanks, Kelvin

— Kadija Soumah, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

reduced stress of high school...and with easy payment plan...

As a senior high school student, stress is very common. Especially if drastic changes will occur such as graduating, turning 18, and deciding what to study. But the meditation really helped me by slowly increasing my self-confidence. After the first couple of weeks I started noticing how anxiety was being reduced, following stress and others. Thanks to Kelvin’s teachings and help a heavy weight was removed, and thanks also to his payment method, that for me as a HS student not having a job I didn’t have to wait to pay it all at once, I had the option to pay it slowly as I could until I had a job. Am very lucky I found this website. Thanks again Kelvin!! 

— Mario, high school student and Cuban immigrant, Florida

Calmness and tranquillity within...discharge daily stresses ...rejuvenate spirit...

Kelvin’s insightful and caring instruction informs and transforms the meditation process and leads to calmness and tranquility from within. Through Kelvin’s compassionate guidance we are carried to a place where we can discharge our every day stresses and replenish and rejuvenate our spirit. He has lovingly given me the great gift of skills and strategies which will last a lifetime

— William Mannion, School Principal, Covina, California

meditation invaluable since my surgical residency...

I took Kelvin’s meditation class 25 years ago during my surgical residency — the meditation has been invaluable.

— Gary Bellack, MD, Board Certified Surgeon, Beverly Hills

anxious before...now less anxious and happier, after only 2 months...

I was an anxious university student before I met with Kelvin. Now, I’m less anxious (it has been only two months) my vision is better, I started remembering my dreams. I definitely feel way better than before. He taught me via Skype because I live in Canada. His meditation style is pretty easy to adapt. He really cares about his students, you can reach him anytime you want. Thanks Kelvin for being a great guide and making my life happier. 

— Idil Yaman, University Student, Toronto, Canada

Overcoming the fear of death...

I’m 72 years old, had a successful career as a businessman, and raised a great son, but I have had a fear of death that has ruined my life. I thought I’d tried everything — until I found Kelvin through his website. I have now started getting my life back, and I’m now feeling more peaceful and relaxed. I have not felt this good since I was in my 20’s. I’ve noticed I have much, much less fear of dying and most of the time I don’t even think about it. And I sleep much better now.

Here’s my advice — Don’t wait till you’re my age, contact Kelvin while you are still young and have your whole life ahead of you.

— Richard Bridgman, Springfield, Illinois
(as interviewed in Newsweek and Kaiser Health News)



After my mother died in January of 2017, I read “Overcoming the Fear of Death” written by Kelvin and found it to be very helpful in navigating my way thru a difficult time. Since I am now almost 71 years old, I guess it just goes to show that we are never really ready for the loss of a parent who was so instrumental in the path that our life has taken. I also found a common bond with Kelvin since both of our fathers served in the Pacific theatre during WWII. In his book, Kelvin recommends the “Turning Within” Meditation program as another source for dealing with grief as well as numerous other benefits. I signed up, met Kelvin, took the course & have been very pleased with the results. Utilizing his method, I have been meditating twice each day for several months now. I am sleeping better, have lower blood pressure & am really enjoying every day that I have here on earth to the fullest. I think that it works somewhat like physical exercise in that the daily gains may be very small, but you can really tell the difference after several months. I have taken advantage of several free follow-up opportunities and intend to continue doing so in the future. Kelvin has been readily available & seems to be good at keeping up with his meditation students. I highly recommend the program. 

— Kerry Adams, Petroleum Engineer, Friendswood, Texas 


Bryan and I are so appreciative of everything you’ve done for us. We have both been practicing the meditation and I’ve found it helps me so much. I’ve gotten back in touch with the “love feeling” of God and some psychic tendencies that haven’t been around in a long time. 
— Karen Swartz, Austin, Texas


I loved reading your book. Your book got me thinking about what I believe in, and while I don’t actually know, I hope there is more to life (well, death really) than just this physical life. I am so thankful to you and your book for encouraging me to explore my beliefs a bit more. I met with a woman recently who is helping me with some emotional cleansing from something that happened to me when I was a little girl (my nan died which is what started my fear of death!).

So, long story short I am doing much better since I learned meditation and honestly, I am not having those thoughts anywhere near as much as I used to. In fact sometimes I can’t even remember the last time I thought about them.

Thank you so much, Kel. I am so glad I found you!

— Angelique, Melbourne, Australia

The Karle Family who learned meditation with Kelvin via Skype at their home in Connecticut — CLICK photo to Read More...

The Karle Family who learned meditation with Kelvin via Skype at their home in Connecticut — CLICK photo to Read More...

A rewarding experience for us as a family...

Kelvin’s meditation technique has allowed us collectively to take a deep breath, be a little more thoughtful and a little less reactive. It’s already been a rewarding experience for us as a family.

— Maureen & John Karle and Family, Ridgefield, Connecticut

more centered and calm...simple to learn...

I tried other types of meditation — I found them frustrating to learn and hard to stick with. Kelvin’s approach was simple to learn. He is a patient, perceptive, skilled instructor. I’ve maintained a regular meditation practice for nearly two years, despite living a busy and sometimes stressful life in a big, fast-paced, hectic city. Meditation has helped me slow down and become more aware of my state of mind and emotions. I feel more centered and calm, I have better perspective on challenges in my life, and I have more patience and attention for the people I love.

— Zannah Marsh, Gainesville, Florida

sense of well-being and calm...recharged my 14-year practice...

I can’t say enough about how quickly your meditation tune up recharged my 14-year TM practice. In a matter of days, I was back into my daily practice of 15 minutes of seated meditation along with my practice off the mat and in the world. Your technique makes integrating meditation into my daily activities so simple that I find my general sense of well-being and calm is much much greater. I have a simple sense of satisfaction with “what is” rather than what I want it to be. Thank you again for your gentle and consistent leadership. Namaste,

— Jen Skiver, ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher), Orange County, California


I just got back from the dentist —  Kelvin’s meditation helped me to walk away not traumatized...Amazing!!! It has smoothed the edges and helped me with everyday anxiety, and now the ease of going to sleep and waking up more refreshed has helped with the daily stress.

 — CW, Austin, Texas

BetteR Deeper sleep...

I’ve only been meditating 4 months, I wake up feeling more rested and alert. I usually sleep very lightly, being woken up by a barking dog or passing car. Now I notice I sleep much deeper. I can’t believe how much a couple of minutes a day of meditation in the morning and evening have changed my sleeping habits and generally made me feel more alert. I only wish I’d learned earlier in my life — Thanks so much!

 — Eric Waltz, Orange County, California


Decided to Give Meditation Another Try...

In the 1970’s, I was instructed in what was then called transcendental meditation. I practiced faithfully, 30 minutes twice a day, for over a year. However, the experience was not too satisfying. I somehow believed that I should be getting better at it, by which I meant, more able to stick to my sound (“mantra.”) That did not happen and I gave up in frustration. Yet I felt there was something to the idea of meditation.

I decided to give meditation another try.  At about this time, I had the good fortune of hearing Kelvin Chin speak and was deeply impressed. I took meditation instruction from him. He taught me not only the how-to of meditation — which is really very simple — but, more importantly, the ideas behind it. Now I meditate regularly, not inhibited by the drive “to do it better,” and am reaping the benefits.

— Eve Menger-Hammond, San Francisco



Kelvin is an excellent meditation teacher. He makes the learning process simple and stress-free. As a result, meditation has become a calming experience. I feel more grateful for the good things in my life and more able to take on and deal with stressful situations as they arise. Thanks for everything!

— Elizabeth R., Oxford, Mississippi

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Reduced fears and anxieties, and more calm...

I wanted to email you to let you know what a tremendous help your meditation classes have been to me. I notice a significant decrease in anxiety feelings and a sense of calm after meditating. Also, your support and knowledge has helped me process my fears and I feel better about them as well. Thank you so much for this and I will be in touch!!!!!

— Meredith Myers, Ohio

It’s Easy!!!...

It’s unlike other meditations — it’s easy !!!

If you feel mystified or intimidated by the concept of meditation, you can let all that go working with Kelvin. He has a very calming presence, exuding caring, wisdom and integrity in spades. Kelvin takes the mystery out of the process, and provides techniques that help you attain greater clarity and focus in your daily life, while reducing stress. He gently encourages and supports you in ways that help you build and maintain a regular meditation practice that you can tailor to your own schedule. Meditation instructors and guides of Kelvin's caliber are rare indeed!

 — Martin Pierce, Boston, Massachusetts

more grounded...a state of grace and gratitude...

Kelvin is a remarkable guide and an enlightening teacher. Since adopting a daily meditation practice following his class, I’ve felt more grounded and more accepting than I ever thought possible. He doesn’t just show you how to meditate, he helps you achieve a state of grace and gratitude that is wonderful to return to on a regular basis.

— Geeta Pereira, New York


I tend to think too much! but this was natural...felt wonderful...

“Letting go” has been an issue for me. I find that I seem to “think” too much. Last night during our meditation class, I let go of everything...it felt wonderful. I didn’t try or force, it just was natural. This is what I’ve been looking for. Here’s to a lifetime of meditation!

— Doug Townsley, Los Angeles, California

cancer, chemo and meditation... 

I was diagnosed with intestinal cancer and started chemo and radiation therapy treatment for 3 months to reduce the mass prior to being scheduled for surgery to remove the remaining tumor. I never scheduled the surgery. Instead, I completely altered my diet and exercise habits, and began meditating with Kelvin Chin initially just for relaxation purposes. I found that the meditation’s positive influences in healing and resting was more effective than anticipated. I had a follow-up biopsy and they could not find any trace of cancer. Meditation has become a simple and positive staple of my daily regimen. 

— Joe, Los Angeles, California

recovering alcoholic...expanded peace of mind...

I’ve been raising my twin 4-year old grandchildren since birth and my husband has cancer, I am also a recovering alcoholic. I thought I’d already achieved peace of mind through the 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) program, but I can already see Kelvin’s method of meditation is expanding that peace of mind, as well as opening my life to a whole new horizon. My husband is coming to your next class!

— Jeanne, devoted grandmother, Los Angeles