Referrals - Friends, Family & Clients 

Kelvin welcomes referrals. He considers this a special way of sharing with those we love and care about.

And, benefit from a 10% Discount on the one-time Lifetime Membership fee if you are referred by one of his clients.

The Karle Story...

 John and Maureen Karle heard about Kelvin’s meditation classes from Maureen’s sister, who in turn had learned about it from her sister-in-law and father-in-law.
All in all, so far Kelvin has taught a dozen family and friends of theirs ! 


Sometimes people ask Kelvin, “Is it OK to tell my friends and family about meditation?” 

It’s better than OK...telling them about the benefits of meditation is “the gift that keeps on giving…” After all what’s a better gift than helping someone along the road to “knowing themselves” better by ‘turning within,’ reducing their stress, and expanding their happiness! 

Most of Kelvin’s meditation students come from referrals — from friends and family, therapists, doctors, and coaches — all of whom have worked with Kelvin over the years.

So, yes, please feel free to tell your friends and family! Encourage them to start meditating to help them learn how to ‘turn within’ and develop a meditation practice that they can do anywhere, anytime, independently on their own ...

And, that they will benefit from the rest of their lives.

Your friendship with them will grow even stronger and deeper.

The Karle Family on vacation after learning meditation with Kelvin via Skype at their home in Connecticut.

The Karle Family on vacation after learning meditation with Kelvin via Skype at their home in Connecticut.

“Kelvin’s meditation technique has allowed us collectively to take a deep breath, be a little more thoughtful and a little less reactive. It’s already been a rewarding experience for us as a family.”
~ Maureen Karle

This is what naturally happens when people take Kelvin’s class...they tell their friends and family!

I Recommend many people to Kelvin...fantastic results...

I have recommended many people to Kelvin so they could learn to meditate. In all cases he taught them by phone since I, and many of them, are based on New York. He teaches over a series of days and one gets a complete and thorough grasp of this meditation technique. People have reported fantastic results to me in terms of general well-being, peace of mind, and others who were able to reduce their anti-anxiety meds (Klonapin). (I’m sure he can’t promise this result, but it happened for someone I know). He also follows through. It’s safe to say that if someone is stuck in their meditation even a year after the initial instruction, he’ll be available to discuss and help.

I’m writing here to  enthusiastically recommend Kelvin to people seeking to learn to meditate and thereby improve their lives, physiologically and psychologically.

 — Kenneth Jedding, LCSW, Psychotherapist, New York, NY