“Thanks to Kelvin’s teachings and help — a heavy weight was removed, and thanks also to his payment method, that for me as a High School student not having a job I didn’t have to wait to pay it all at once, I had the option to pay it as slowly as I could until I had a job. Am very lucky I found this website. Thanks again Kelvin!!”
— Mario, high school student and Cuban immigrant, Florida

Register for the Next 4-Day Class

Day 1: By appointment (Personal one-on-one instruction with Kelvin), 1 hour, via phone or Skype
Day 2: 1-1/2 to 2 hours, Call-in / Login info for students will be sent by Kelvin
Day 3: 1-1/2 to 2 hours, Call-in / Login info for students will be sent by Kelvin
Day 4: Last class of the 4-day Class, 1-2 weeks from above, 1-1/2 to 2 hours


For U.S. & Europe

September 2019 group class via Live Videoconference or Phone (worldwide):
09/17/19: Day 1 is by appointment (one-on-one, private), day or evening, 60 minutes
09/18/19: Day 2, 3:30 PM (PDT, Pacific Time), 90 minutes
09/19/19: Day 3, 3:30 PM (PDT, Pacific Time), 90 minutes
(4th class to be scheduled 2 weeks later): 10/?/19

If you are interested in a subsequent class, please indicate to Kelvin when works for you.

Special Classes for Australia & Asia !!

We are now scheduling a class for Australian and Asian TIME ZONES !


Private Classes

Private classes with Kelvin where you are the only student in the class are available anytime, day or evening, whenever works for your and his schedule. Contact Kelvin to book a private class.

Especially good if... 

  • you want to start ASAP before the next group class

  • your job has you “on call” and may cause a last-minute change in class time

  • you want even more personalized attention in your instruction one-on-one, or

  • you have special questions or issues that you would like to remain private

Only $95 to reserve a spot.
Pay the balance before the class starts, or create a payment plan that works with your budget.

Consider gifting it now for yourself or a loved one as The Unique Gift for 2019 !!!

Group classes are limited to 10 students per class.
(To suggest dates for future classes, Contact Kelvin with your preferred dates and times — indicate your Time Zone)...

Scheduling Asian time zone classes now...
Contact Kelvin if you are in Asia, Australia or New Zealand.

Lifetime Follow-Up

Private classes
(one student with Kelvin for the entire 4 sessions)

Group classes
$495 for adults
$395 for students

Payment plans & group discounts are availableContact Kelvin to arrange
Registration fee of $95 (non-refundable) to reserve your space — this is credited towards your Lifetime Membership/tuition balance

Worldwide classes
I teach people from all around the world.
If your local economy is not based on the US dollar, then the fee will be discounted proportional to the local cost of living.

Low-income or Fixed-income clients?
(No one is ever turned away for inability to pay the full fee)
Contact Kelvin

Payment plans available

  • pay $95 Registration fee (credited towards total payment) to secure a space in a class

  • contact Kelvin privately — create your own personal payment plan that will work for you

Referral Discount

  • 10% Discount on the one-time Lifetime Membership fee if you are referred by a client

REMEMBER, this Lifetime Membership covers:

  • the 4-day Meditation class tuition

  • a Lifetime of “live” personal follow-up with Kelvin (email or phone) — this means you are getting access to Kelvin’s 40 years of experience with Meditation, teaching Meditation, integrating it into daily life AND the unique perspective that he brings!
    (There is literally no price that can be put on this knowledge and experience that you have personally available to you!)

  • Sit-in on as many future Meditation classes as you like — Unlimited Refresher classes!


  • Unlimited access to the online password-protected “Turning Within” Membership Group for 25 hours of Kelvin’s recorded Q&A webinars on this Meditation technique AND the ability to meditate with Kelvin virtually 24/7 to keep you enjoying the benefits for Life!
    (these webinars alone are a $1,000 VALUE !)

On top of all that — you also have “Follow-Ups For Life” — you already had Kelvin’s phone number and email, and you get a sincere invitation to contact him any time in the future you need some question answered, a refresher, “a check-up,” and so forth.

No “guru,” no “updates” or next better levels are dangled in front of you to run after...and you can use it anywhere — incense, electricity, internet, apps, yearly or monthly dues or service charges NOT REQUIRED.
— Michael Tucker, Kealakekua, Hawaii (Big Island, Hawaii)

Here is Kelvin’s biography describing his background and certification teaching Meditation for over 40 years worldwide...



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whatever you can to help our nonprofit continue to teach
Low-income clients...

Meditation sessions via FACETIME
to Switzerland! 

Kelvin is my meditation teacher since 6 years and he was the one actually getting me interested in meditation. I live in Switzerland and was going thru a rough time back then, he taught me to meditate thru FaceTime and helped me immensely with it and also with his calming voice,  guidance, and compassion. 

Thru FaceTime or Skype he can give classes all over the world even with more than one person. He truly has a gift that he wants to share with people and they can benefit hugely from it! 

For me, it is not just meditation — it is much more, it is therapy!!
Thank you, Kelvin!!
— Natalie Tellenbach, Zürich, Switzerland