simple and effective...helped me through my fear and anxiety...

Kelvin’s Turning Within Meditation has become an essential tool on my road to recovery. He teaches it in a way that is simple and effective. He is also very supportive, compassionate and has gone out of his way to help me through my experiences with fear and anxiety. Very much appreciated.

— Marty Chase Martin, Pueblo, Colorado

The Technique


Not a problem!

This is like No Other Technique You’ve Ever Heard Of... have a wandering mind? Always thinking? You’re not alone — that’s not a problem at all with this meditation technique. The way Kelvin teaches it, the meditation is EASY and effortless. There is no concentration, no focus, no trying, and no control of the mind needed. There is no need to ‘clear the mind of thoughts.’ In fact, the technique works even if the mind is filled with thoughts.

Because this technique is so easy to learn and to practice, Kelvin has taught children from age 4 and senior citizens age 99 to meditate...and everyone in between.

It takes 4 one-hour classes to learn, then you have it for life — you never forget it. You do it 10-15 minutes twice a day — that’s it.

Your anxiety and stress will reduce and disappear...
You will live your life more fully & enjoyably