The Benefits of “Turning Within” Meditation





“Long-Term Effects” of this Meditation technique...


An interactive discussion with Kelvin’s students from across the U.S. & a talk by Kelvin on how his technique of meditation changes HOW we experience life itself!

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The Military

Kelvin Chin has worked closely with the military helping soldiers, veterans, contractors in war zones, and “Gold Star Families” deal with and overcome the full range of issues that come with military service, both in war zones overseas and in the U.S.

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Kel is an amazing meditation teacher! His meditation classes were like
nothing I have ever experienced and I’ve been meditating for years.
I highly recommend working with him to anyone!
— Marni Blythe Borelli, Business Coach, Raleigh, North Carolina


How do you choose the right Meditation technique for you?

With so many different types of meditation in the marketplace, picking the right technique can be confusing !
Here are the KEY ISSUES to look for...

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What is so Special About Learning Meditation from Kelvin Chin?

  • NOT an app (so no devices needed)

  • Small classes (maximum of 10 students)

  • Reduces & eliminates the “Fear of Uncertainty”

  • You are independent, self-sustaining, can do it anywhere

gary bellack
I took Kelvin’s meditation class 25 years ago during my surgical residency — the meditation has been invaluable.
— Gary Bellack, MD, Board Certified Surgeon, Beverly Hills, California

Millennials — You Can Be Yourself Again...

Too many Millennials are increasingly anxious — Why is that? — And what can you do?

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It is incredible how effective this technique is. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I am myself again!
— Sidney Covey, 21 years old, after 3 weeks of “Turning Within” Meditation

For over 40 years, Kelvin Chin has taught thousands of people worldwide...
Business executives, doctors, nurses, professional athletes, U.S. Military, students, priests, nuns, rabbis, monks...

On the Phone, Skype, FaceTime, and In-person

Learn from your Living Room !
Personal Instruction by Kelvin Chin

Kelvin is my meditation teacher since 6 years. I live in Switzerland and was going thru a rough time back then - he taught me to meditate on FaceTime and helped me immensely with his calming voice, guidance, and compassion.

Thru FaceTime or Skype he gives classes all over the world. He truly has a gift that he wants to share with people!
Thank you, Kelvin!!
— Natalie Tellenbach, Zürich, Switzerland

How Is This Technique Different From Other Meditations?

  • Do not have to “clear the mind”

  • No focus, control, concentration

  • Not a guided meditation or visualization process

  • Non-religious

Different From “Mindfulness”

“Mindfulness” meditation is a form of Buddhist meditation. All Buddhist meditation techniques involve focus and control. Some more and some less. But all do. So they either start out or become difficult to practice over time. Kelvin has even taught Buddhist monks his technique.

Kelvin’s “Turning Within” Meditation does not involve any focus or control. Focus limits the mind in meditation. “Turning Within” Meditation expands the mind’s capacity for experience, and relaxes and heals the body.

For years, I had tried “Mindfulness” with paid plans & free podcasts. When a course ran out of fresh stuff, I’d lose interest; if a subscription ended, perhaps guilt would compel me back. Now my meditation makes my world less complicated & me more SETTLED. “Turning Within” Meditation WORKS.
— Michael Tucker, Hilo, Hawaii

The EASIEST Meditation in the world !

See what others have said about it...

The way Kelvin teaches Meditation, you do NOT have to ‘clear the mind of thoughts.’ Unlike 90% of other meditation techniques taught in the world, you do NOT have to focus, control, or concentrate the mind. Those techniques are difficult to do and take a long time to get any results. Instead, Kelvin's technique of “Turning Within” is easy and effortless.

Kelvin’s technique is also different from the guided meditation, visualization, or “mindfulness” process you may learn at a yoga class or on an app. His meditation is taught in 4 classes, and then you know how to do it — on your own — for the rest of your life!
No app, no equipment, no incense needed.

And, it is non-religious. It does not involve any religious or cultural trappings or lifestyles. Kelvin has even taught Buddhist monks, Catholic priests, nuns, ministers and Jewish rabbis this technique — and they all continue to do their own form of meditation and prayer afterwards. They even say they get more benefit from their previous techniques after they learn what Kelvin teaches them.

So, there is no conflict with any existing beliefs, nor are there any new beliefs to adopt.

It is done with your eyes closed, in a comfortable sitting position. And, it can be done anywhere — in your car, a plane, train, hotel lobby, airport lounge, or in your home.

Learn in your Pajamas...!

PLUS, Kelvin can teach you to meditate while you are sitting at home in your sweatpants or pajamas! He typically teaches on the phone, Skype, FaceTime or webinar, unless it is an in-person Meditation class in your living room or at a business or school. 

“Letting go” has been an issue for me. I find that I seem to “think” too much. Last night during our meditation class, I let go of felt wonderful.
I didn’t try or force, it just was natural. This is what I’ve been looking for.
Here’s to a lifetime of meditation!
— Doug Townsley, Los Angeles, California

“Organizations that fully embrace transparency—the heart of our Exchange program—can share data about their organization’s impact to earn the Platinum level. The Platinum level of participation is GuideStar’s highest distinction, earning the most benefits and recognition. Of course, it’s also the hardest level to achieve which is why those numbers are in the 700’s. Your organization, ‘Turning Within Meditation Foundation,’ is among the elite few to reach that distinction—Congratulations!”
— Guidestar Nonprofit Directory, Guidestar USA

Kelvin is also the founder of another nonprofit, the Overcoming the Fear of Death Foundation
where he helps people worldwide reduce their fear of death and dying
so they can live life more fully in the present...

3 Nonprofit Organizations for Global Work

Kelvin Chin has 3 nonprofit organizations through which he does his global work.
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