Special Programs


“Our company subsidized Kelvin’s classes for our staff who said it helped them manage their stress. They were more productive in our demanding workplace environment. Many reported improvements in their home life as well.”
— Gary Saint Denis, Co-Founder, 1-800-DENTIST, Los Angeles, CA

The Military

Kelvin taught the first meditation courses at West Point Military Academy, and in the U.S. Army on the DMZ in Korea. While in Korea, Kelvin had a GS-11 rating and taught as a consultant to the military by invitation of the Pentagon. When the U.S. Air Force heard he was teaching on all the Army bases, they requested that he teach on their bases in Korea as well. For more details on teaching in the Military & for Veterans: CLICK HERE.

business & HealthCare

Kelvin has taught hundreds of meditation courses in businesses internationally over the past 40 years. He is typically brought in by the senior executives who recognize the benefits for their employees of offering a program that will immediately help them be more productive, more satisfied, and healthier workers. This translates to lower healthcare costs, less staff turnover and greater effectiveness on the job — all of which means a better bottom line. Clients have included Raytheon, U.S. Army, West Point Military Academy, 1-800-DENTIST, and many retirement communities and healthcare facilities.


Kelvin has taught athletes on every level from high school and college to professional sports. He was one of the first test subjects in medical studies in the U.S. on meditation, which were published in various scientific journals worldwide, including a Scientific American cover story. Benefitting immediately from the deep relaxation and greater mental clarity brought about by this effortless technique taught by Kelvin, athletes report faster recovery time from workouts and injuries, better focus, lower stress, better hand-eye coordination, faster reaction time, deeper sleep, and an overall sense of well-being and “being centered” that helps athletes experience “being in the zone” more frequently.


Kelvin has taught hundreds of meditation courses in schools at every level — from elementary to high school and university — in the US, France, Hong Kong and Korea. Students, teachers and administrators report a less stressful learning experience, improved short and long-term memory, better attendance, less conflict, and increased self-esteem. Kelvin has taught meditation courses at the Los Angeles Unified School District, Norwood High School, many secondary schools in Hong Kong, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, University of New Hampshire, University of Massachusetts, University of Maine, University of California, Hong Kong University, Chinese University, Université de Strasbourg (France), and many others.

Program Fees for Special Programs

Course program fees for these special programs are tailored to the size, location, and age group (if for schools) of the group of participants. Contact Kelvin to discuss further and to schedule him to come to your organization to lead the program instruction.

Marie Reeger DC.png
When I opened my new office, meditation energized me and helped me enjoy a potentially stressful time. Thank you, Kelvin.
— Dr. Marie Reeger, Narragansett, RI