Kelvin conversing with college students in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Kelvin conversing with college students in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Millennials — You Can Be Yourself Again...

Research shows that Millennials value “life balance” more than previous generations. This is a terrific change, and speaks to their level of self-awareness. Yet too many of them are increasingly anxious. While I have taught thousands of clients from age 4 to 94 over the past 40 years, in the past 5 years I have been increasingly teaching more young adults 18 to 34 to meditate.

It turns out Millennials do feel more pressure. 67 percent of them said they felt “extreme” pressure to succeed, compared to 40 percent of GenXers and 23 percent of Boomers. There was a marked difference in the open-ended responses of Millennials, too - an overall mood of anxiety and self-reproach. The majority felt the same way I did: They hadn’t done enough yet, and time was running out.
— Melanie Curtin, “Inc.” magazine

Why are Millennials increasingly anxious?

Here are several reasons supported by current research:

52% of Millennials say their stress is so worrying, it’s kept them up at night, according to the American Psychological Association, which has been measuring stress levels since 2007.
— Allison Vuchnich and Carmen Chai, Global News

Some parents have even contacted me to teach their Millennial kids to meditate!

And so they (or their parents) often reach out for help to reduce and overcome their anxieties. As one of my 20-year-old students put it — so they can “feel more like themselves” again.

I have taught hundreds of Millennials to meditate. Teaching Millennials to meditate is so important for the future of our world — to free up all the creativity and energy they have. I also have two beautiful children, 24 and 30 years old, who also meditate and remind me — as well as my own memories of course — of what it’s like during those accelerated growth years.

I’m here to help. I look forward to hearing from you.
~ Kelvin Chin

Here are a few comments from Millennials
expressed in their own words...

“It is incredible how effective this technique is. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I still have some inner thoughts that somewhat bug me but they are slowly just becoming irrelevant. It’s freakin crazy! — It has given me an ability to pull back the curtain on my fears — that the way I felt wasn’t who I was. It has given me a perspective. Shows you who you are at your best. This is me. My real self. Shows you in a non-religious way who you really are. The anxiety is not who you are. I keep asking myself, ‘How did I run into this guy (Kelvin) who looks at this stuff the way I do?!’ Not over the top. He is down-to-earth, practical. I’m so thankful.”

 — Sidney Covey, 21 years old

Right now, I feel the best I’ve felt since the whole thing started. I thought I could never feel that way again...I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me. I know I’m still not where I need to be, but I truly believe I will get there and start enjoying my life in the same way I used to.”

(Received after 2 months of meditation):
“I thought I’d get in touch as it’s been so long since we last spoke. I’ve been doing really well, have had barely any anxiety and have been getting on with my life. I’m excited about Christmas and realize that that wouldn’t be the case if it wasn’t for you. Thank you so much for everything!”

— Phil, 24 years old

“When I meditate it brings me back to a peaceful state. We all have things that go on in our daily lives but it’s up to us how we react to those situations. Meditation will allow you, I now see, to deal with things a bit easier instead of maybe getting tense and heated over something small. The major thing though at the end of this what meditation does is that it makes you calm and I love that feeling.”

— Xavier, 24 years old

“I was relaxed and calm before and while I was taking my important government civil service exam that I studied for over many months before. 

I was so calm, I didn’t get any kind of nervousness during the exam.

I was pretty sure that I would definitely get anxious during the exam but it didn’t happen at all. I think this is all because of the meditation technique I have been doing for the last couple of months, all credit goes to Kelvin, he taught me how meditation can keep me calm during this period, I want to thank Kelvin from the bottom of my heart.”

— Aashik, 31 years old

I feel awesome. For several years I have tried to meditate, and this is the only technique that has worked for me. I am extremely thankful.”

(Received 5 weeks later):
“Good evening, Kel! I wanted to update you on how I’m doing and give you a more articulated review of your class. 

So the meditation is going great, my anxiety surrounding everything in my life has lessened even my existential dread and fear has improved significantly and I feel more at peace with myself and what the future holds. 

Concerning the fear of death specifically, the meditation has helped and I am facing it with less fear and more bravery than I ever had before and the feeling is nothing short of liberating

In combination of the meditation and conquering fear, this has helped me in other ways as well. I am doing better in my college work, my confidence, my job, my relationships, everything. I feel like a new person. 

The meditation is effortless and feels natural I have never had so much success in a technique. Thank you for all of your guidance and teachings!”

— Kevin Taulbee, 20 years old

“Kelvin’s meditation has helped me become at peace with myself. After dealing with some tragic events I was trying to find new ways to relieve my anxiety, I came across Kelvin’s website and contacted him immediately. From the beginning he was so helpful and extremely supportive and his meditation is so simple yet helpful. I feel much more relaxed and happier now and I couldn’t thank Kelvin enough.”

— Kiani, 21 years old

“Thanks to Kelvin’s teachings and help — a heavy weight was removed, and thanks also to his payment method, that for me as a High School student not having a job I didn’t have to wait to pay it all at once, I had the option to pay it as slowly as I could until I had a job. Am very lucky I found this website. Thanks again Kelvin!!”

— Mario, Cuban immigrant, 17 years old

“Kel, I wanted to take a second to tell you how grateful I am for your guidance. These moments of meditation have truly brought me back to LIFE! I dealt with severe anxiety and fear for the last 7 years of my life. It would get worse and worse to the point where it was manifesting into my life physically constant headaches, low low energy to where all I wanted to do was crumble into a little ball there was a period of time where just being awake was a struggle. Keeping my body upright was almost impossible. I lost my Vision not literally but Im speaking in a sense of where I seen myself in the future and my business went down. I ended up homeless for a couple months sleeping in my car. I knew it was not a issue a doctor could fix. I Knew it was me. I starting fighting my way back in search of answers, and came across your page online. And after all the struggles I feel hope again, I feel clearer. Not 100% but I feel on track, I can see specs of my future again, not the full picture but before I couldn’t even see that. Most of all I feel like I’m learning how to be alive all over again. Thanks to you, Im learning how to slow down my life and be present, to enjoy every moment of it, and it feels UNBELIEVABLE! Thanks again Kel excited for the journey ahead.” 

— Miguel Chavez, 27 years old

“Three years ago I had a major change in my life which included getting married, accepting a new position in my company and moving to a new country (Kuwait). That’s when I first started getting panic attacks. After a few weeks, the symptoms deteriorated but never went away. In the last three years, my anxiety has had it’s ups and downs, and two weeks ago I started having panic attacks so intense that I could not sleep. That’s when I found Kel by googling, desperately looking for some help! I decided to drop him an email and was pleasantly surprised to get a response within a few hours. We scheduled our first session the very next day, and today I feel much, much better! Kel’s meditation technique is helping me get a grip of my life again. Of course, I am not there yet, but with Kel’s help and guidance, things look brighter!

— Jovan, 30 years old



When I begin my day with meditation, it creates a solid, calm, clear, foundation for the day ahead. My abilities to think clearly and logically are heightened, my emotional stresses are lessened, and my anxiety is eliminated. When I end my day with meditation, a long hard day is cleared from my mind, and I’m able to look back on the day with a more rational train of thought. I used to suffer from anxiety attacks on almost a daily basis, and rarely do I ever feel them anymore. I truly owe it all to Kelvin and the skill set he has provided me for my lifetime. He has changed my life for the better, and with every meditation I feel stronger, wiser, happier, more wholesome, and aligned with my positive forward journey.

— Lily O'Dare, 26 years old



I am a physician working in NYC.

I first had panic attacks and anxiety when I was 18 years old and have been well for many years since I first learned how to live a life free of these uncomfortable physical and psychological sensations.

I recently had a return of my symptoms and was recommended to learn meditation with Kelvin.

I first met Kelvin a month ago on 7/31/2018. Though there was a part of me that was skeptical about learning meditation, its effect on my mind and body, and if it would even work, I knew that I had to try something new to help myself live a life free of panic and constant anxiety. Long story short — in exactly the past month, Kelvin has been a crucial part of not only my support system, a wise friend, but also an instrumental asset to my steady recovery.

Now for the longer version.

From the very first conversation, Kelvin took the time to really understand my individual situation. One of my initial concerns was that such a technique would be a “one size fits all” approach — and what if this one size doesn’t fit my situation and my needs. Though the technique itself is universal, Kelvin helped personalize my experience with learning meditation — melding his forty plus years of knowledge and experience with meditation to assuage each and every one of my concerns as they came up. I cannot stress this minute but absolutely essential fact — Kelvin literally addressed EVERY concern I had

Why is this so essential? Because for people like me, (and I know from personal and professional experience that there are thousands and millions of people who experience very similar situations as I did with my panic and anxiety) having certain concerns that linger in my thoughts without being addressed can build up and create a larger problem long term. Kelvin was keen to recognize this and address them one by one until I was fully comfortable with the meditation.

What did this accomplish for me? Once I felt fully comfortable with the meditation, I was able to meditate comfortably and easily twice a day everyday. Eventually, the initial warm up period and the technique itself became irrelevant, and I was able to simply lay down and rest — and that in itself was my meditation. My brain, mind and body became psychologically and physiologically acclimated to automatically reproduce the overwhelming positive effects of my meditation that Kelvin helped train them (my brain, mind and body) to do. This occurs when I close my eyes and simply start with my rest period irrespective of whether I do my warm up or technique phases prior to the rest period. 

I cannot thank Kelvin enough for his guidance, wisdom and friendship. He is a genuine human being with the soul of a gallant warrior.

Believe me, I would not take the take to write this if I didn’t truly mean every word of it.

I would happily write pages and pages more about my experience at the expense of people reading this losing focus of its purpose — that is to help persuade their subconscious mind that meditation works, but it works because of the teacher and the experience that teacher exposes you to. Kelvin is that teacher and he is a God-send.

Once again, thank you Kelvin!

— Allen, DO, 26 years old


I can now dream big only because of your guidance in meditation. I am indebt to you. Thanks once again.
Take care.

Make some time to visit Bangladesh. I will be overwhelmed if you can make some time to visit my house.

— Aashik, 31 years old, Bangladesh


My father Kelvin taught me to meditate at the age of five and it has been an invaluable tool in my life. Having this tool at such a young age brought me insight and peace early in my life especially through the rapid developmental time we call childhood. There came a time — or age rather — when I rejected much of the sound advice of my parents, and I’ll admit that I did not meditate very much during my teenage years. I would regret this short-sighted decision if I was not already at peace with the decisions I have made in the past. As I’ve moved through life and matured, I’ve found that meditation continues to become more and more valuable to me. Time seems to move more quickly — and quite literally does if one considers one’s own expanding frame of reference — but meditation seems to give me more time to do what I feel needs to be done on a daily basis or more accurately, just the time I need. Meditation has continued to help me filter out the anxiety and stress that comes with everyday life as I’ve gotten older, but its effects have been crucial for me in recent years while developing my acting career. Kelvin’s approach to teaching meditation is so easy and hands-on that I recommend him to all people of all ages. 

— Jesse Abbott Chin, 30 years old

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