“Thanks to Kelvin’s teachings and help — a heavy weight was removed, and thanks also to his payment method, that for me as a High School student not having a job I didn’t have to wait to pay it all at once, I had the option to pay it slowly as I could until I had a job. Am very lucky I found this website. Thanks again Kelvin!!”
— Mario, high school student and Cuban immigrant, Florida

“Turning Within” Meditation FAQs

What are the benefits of this meditation technique?

The meditation technique of “Turning Within” is very easy to learn — and it is effortless. It reduces stress, anxiety, and increases one’s sense of self-confidence and inner strength. It switches on the opposite of the “fight or flight response. And it expands our mind’s conscious capacity for experience — we feel more wide awake, more clear, more alive, and more able to naturally access the full range of our human potential.

Can it reduce our Fear of Death?

Yes. Along with improving our understanding of death and dying, the experience of meditation helps us become less afraid of death by making us stronger from the inside out.

It reduces all kinds of fears and helps people overcome the fear of death very effectively by giving them a deep sense of inner peace and calm.

Is it connected with any religion? Or, am I joining a group or organization by learning this meditation technique with you?

No. It has no religious connection, nor is there any need to change any of your beliefs. There are no lifestyle changes, no organizations that you are joining. You just add the meditation to your normal daily life, and live your life in whatever way you choose. 

While this meditation is nonreligious, many religious leaders have learned it. Kelvin has taught Buddhist monks, priests, nuns, ministers and rabbis to meditate — who all continue to do their own form of meditations afterwards.

Does it have spiritual benefits?

Yes. This meditation can be viewed as a spiritual process in that it helps us connect our mind-body-emotions more holistically. By “turning within” in this meditation, we allow the mind to experience itself in a different way than is usually experienced in everyday life, and by doing so, we begin to “know ourselves” in a more complete way, which grounds and centers us and increases our self-confidence “from the inside out.” This is the true essence of any spiritual practice.

How long do I meditate?

10-15 minutes twice a day is suggested.

When do I meditate?

Twice a day — usually once in the morning, and again in the afternoon or evening.

Does it involve any concentration or control of the mind? Is it difficult to do?

No. There is no focusing of the mind in this meditation technique, no need to try to “clear your mind” of thoughts. The wandering of the mind is fine, and is a normal, natural part of this meditation process.

There is no concentration or control of the mind, and no need to push thoughts out of the mind or “clear the mind.” As a result, this meditation technique is easy and effortless.

What’s so special about learning meditation from Kelvin?

First of all, Kelvin personally instructs you. Individually. It is not a recording. It is LIVE. So that means you can ask any question you have, and he will answer it TAILORED to you. So, you really learn it correctly. That is his goal. Everything he says is aimed at that goal.

Another key difference is that Kelvin has been teaching meditation for ALMOST HALF A CENTURY...over 44 years...to thousands of people, and so he has the experience of helping new meditation students get through the many different issues that can arise when they learn to “turn within” and meditate. 

Yet another key difference is that his own meditation experiences combined with his teaching experience enable him to easily “take students from Point A to Point B.”

Many people know about the importance of being ‘centered,’ and the value of being grounded and self-aware...of “knowing oneself.” But there are few teachers who can actually teach you how to effectively get there.

And that is all that matters to you as the meditation student — can the teacher teach me? Can he help me get “from Point A to Point B”? Kelvin helps his students do this — effortlessly.

Why does this meditation technique work? Why is it so easy?

It works because it uses the natural tendency of your mind to “turn within” and settle down. In that process, the mind experiences itself, but in a different way from waking, dreaming or sleeping.

This tendency of the mind to settle down is a natural process, which makes the meditation so easy. Even so, this meditation technique involves learning how to allow your mind to experience this settling down process in a natural way. Kelvin teaches you in a step-by-step process, so you start getting the benefits from Day One.

How does it work?

Through this meditation technique, the mind settles down causing the body to rest deeply. At the same time, the mind becomes more aware and the body balances itself and releases stress and fatigue.

So the meditation works on the physical level as well as an emotional and mental level by helping to balance ourselves on all those levels.

What is the key to getting the benefits of meditation?

The key to getting the benefits of meditation is meditating effortlessly. And that is dependent on the student, the teacher and the technique. 

The student needs to practice the technique without control, focus, or effort. The teacher must teach a technique that is easy and effortless, and must know how to guide the student through the process to get to a place where the student is comfortable and meditating effortlessly. And of course the technique itself must not involve effort, control, or “trying to clear the mind of thoughts.”

Kelvin has taught so many thousands of people to meditate that he knows the 6-8 unspoken questions that underlie each of his student’s questions before they even ask them. Learning meditation from a teacher who understands how to guide the student through the process of learning thoroughly and effectively is crucial to getting the benefits of meditation.

Why do you always emphasize effortlessness?

Meditation should be effortless if it follows the natural processes on which everybody’s mind operates. We all notice that our minds wander. This should therefore not be a problem to be overcome in meditation. It should be embraced. If it is, then the meditation can be effortless. 

Credit should be given to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for bringing world attention to this fact — that meditation can and should be effortless. That it is the natural tendency of the mind to experience itself in this way effortlessly if you are taught how to set up the initial conditions to allow it. Maharishi was a spiritual revolutionary. He revolutionized the practice of meditation globally. 

By inference then, any teacher of meditation who suggests or instructs that the student needs to focus the mind, or needs to control it in order to meditate does not yet understand the basic principles of the mind on which meditation operates.

This was Maharishi’s gift to the world — his understanding of how the mind works. And it is a gift from him for which I am very thankful. 

The meditation I teach is effortless. It is also more flexible and less complicated than what I taught in the 1970s. There are no rituals or religious trappings or lifestyle changes involved. Meditation should also be effortless in this way — it should easily fit into your daily life. It shouldn’t have to take very long, and you should be able to do it anywhere. Alone or with others, quiet or noisy place, eating whatever you want, wearing whatever you wish. 

Nothing outside of yourself should matter or affect the meditation benefits. It truly should and can be universally portable because you can take your mind anywhere. And it should be easy. If it is, the mind will settle down and experience itself — easily and naturally


what is the meditation class tuition and what does it cover?

Tuition Fee:
$495 for adults
$395 for students
$695 for Private classes (1 student with Kelvin for the entire 4 sessions)
(Payment plans are always available — Kelvin wants you to start ASAP to get the benefits immediately — Don’t be shy to discuss — Kelvin lets you decide how long and how much your payments are based on your unique financial situation) ~ See details HERE

REMEMBER, tuition covers:

  • the 4-day Meditation class (7 hours),
  • a Lifetime of “live” follow-up with Kelvin (email or phone) — you can reach out anytime, AND
  • Unlimited access to the “Turning Within” Membership Group for 25 hours of his recorded Q&A webinars on this Meditation technique to keep you enjoying the benefits for Life! 
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