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Rebecca Veprek, Marblehead, MA

If you are new to meditation and looking for a new teacher, look no further than the gifted Kelvin Chin and his Turning Within Meditation technique. He is the real deal. I met Kelvin when he lived in Massachusetts over ten years ago. I was new to meditation and was resistant at first. In the span of one day, he transformed my thinking of meditation as something unfamiliar, to a transformative, positive experience. Kelvin is patient, kind, and attentive to his students' needs. Once you have learned this TW technique, it is something you can do anywhere, any place, anytime. I feel so fortunate to have learned meditation from Kelvin - I am a changed person because of it.

Linda Gibbs, Malibu, CA

Kelvin's deep understanding and long time experience meditating drops you in quickly. His command is helpful when articulating the whys and whats of how to meditate. If you are a beginner or a long time meditator you can benefit from his knowledge.

Updated Review
from Michael Tucker, Honaunau, HI

I just wanted to add -- from the last time I reviewed, that it has now been over 77 days -- and this simple method continues to be very effective.

It was helpful from day one, and the effects are cumulative.

I hope others will try it -- as if you are like me, you had tried numerous kinds of meditation and stress relief tactics but they did not get to the core issues.

This drills down and gets the job done without you needing extraordinary measures -- it is very much natural to us to be able to heal and recover on our own, with the right tool.

Prior Review:

It sounds cheesy, but this can be really a life changer. And something this important -- if you are fortunate enough to have stumbled onto this -- take the hint, take the act of spontaneity, and go for it! I'm not sure exactly how I landed up at Kelvin's website -- BUT SO GLAD I DID.

Sounds cheesy perhaps, but if I could afford it to provide it or if I had a magic wand I could grant a gift with -- I'd wish for 10% of the world to take his course -- and I bet the world then would be 1000% better in the span of 4-5 days!

Kelvin is like reaching out to a kind relative you know you can trust, and being totally understood and also accepted. All the things he shares with you is like finding a way to tap into an unlimited source of power or a deep vein of gold (or pure water, or diamonds if you were so inclined or needed that).

What we tap into is a universal need. Unlimited, and fits each of us, as unique as we each are, like a glove.

Would I take the course again? Yes.
Has it continued to work for me over time? Yes.
Do I think most anybody could benefit, and those around them? Yes.
Can you use this even if you are busy, or already "have a routine"? Yes.

This is like waking up energized after a long sleep -- but it goes beyond what most of us have tried or been addicted toward with so many of our escapes, rituals and practices -- and it moves us past only repeating those things because "I was at least trying to do something" and "it made me feel good".

You'll WANT to KEEP repeating this routine -- because it provides to you an ENDURING (and way beyond) feel good that is more than only temporary -- and your trying that previously was without any lasting results will be adjusted so that from now on the effects are obvious, and cumulative -- and the effort you put out won't feel like its straining, some chore or part of some dogma.

It becomes integral to you.

This is way larger than ourselves holding onto fear, not diminishing stress, not thinking so well about the world, others or ourselves; or being worried about the future or feeling hurt about the past.

This is releasing us to live "our good life", enabling us to effectively connect to people; 
opening us to be more centered in our relationships;
and expanding us to be considerate of our world around us, and the universe at large.

Katelin Gibbs, Malibu, CA

Clear, approachable, helpful meditation guidance. Kelvin first taught me meditation 14 years ago when I was 14 years old, and I use the techniques to this day. I have had refresher classes with him in the last couple years that are just that - so refreshing! And so helpful and clarifying to keep my meditation practice going. It's a grounded approach to meditation with a clear formula to follow. Having the anchor of that structure helps the freedom of my meditation grow. I highly recommend it!

Marty Chase Martin, Denver, CO

Kelvin's Turning Within Meditation has become an essential tool on my road to recovery. He teaches it in a way that is simple and effective. He is also very supportive, compassionate and has gone out of his way to help me through my experiences with fear and anxiety. Very much appreciated.

Kenneth Jedding, Manhattan, NY

I have recommended many people to Kelvin so they could learn to meditate. In all cases he taught them by phone since I, and many of them, are based on New York. He teaches over a series of days and one gets a complete and thorough grasp of this meditation technique. People have reported fantastic results to me in terms of general well-being, peace of mind, and others who were able to reduce their anti-anxiety meds (Klonapin). (I'm sure he can't promise this result, but it happened for someone I know). He also follows through. It's safe to say that if someone is stuck in their meditation even a year after the initial instruction, he'll be available to discuss and help. I'm writing here to  enthusiastically recommend Kelvin to people seeking to learn to meditate and thereby improve their lives, physiologically, psychologically.

Sandra Peevers, Cooperstown, NY

Kelvin is one of the most down to Earth people I have ever met. He has an offhand and natural approach which immediately makes his students / listeners feel comfortable. He interjects humor often during his meditation classes and what I love most is that he is not at all didactic... he makes it so easy! Almost an "anything goes" attitude, but with definite coaching on what works best. There is no sense of right or wrong. Also, Kelvin always illustrates certain points with very interesting stories from his own experiences and from people he knows.  I took the course from Kelvin with my mother when she was dying of cancer in 1983. I eventually let my practice of meditation lapse when I had kids, etc. but am very happy to have re-encountered Kelvin and see how he has refined his approach. You can't go wrong with this training!  You'll be so glad you engaged Kelvin's expertise for your own multiple benefits.

Mary Hickey Randall, Boulder, CO

Kelvin has simplified the technique to make it accessible to everyone. His lifetime of experience gives him more knowledge of this terrain than anyone else you'll find. HIs generosity, commitment and presence to teaching makes him invaluable in sharing his wisdom. He is a true guide to anyone interested in learning to quiet their mind.

Matthew Frank, Doylestown, PA

I have known Kelvin for many years. Kelvin is a world class teacher and coach. His years of experience, profound inner awareness, and deep compassion for others lays a foundation for his ability to transform peoples lives. He has helped countless individuals live a more spiritual, connected life. He has done that for me on a personal level, and I am grateful for that.

John Moore, Kapaa, HI

Kelvin is a brilliant teacher and a fabulous human being. Anyone should feel completely confident that he will have their best interest at heart, and will deliver the most profound techniques and wisdom available in the world!!!

Kamin Lambertson, New Orleans, LA

Kelvin and I met in the 1970s when we were studying meditation. He reintroduced me to meditation last year after we talked about the practice he now teaches. My experience in this past year has been to find that his method is easier to practice and produces the same results that we experienced years ago. I highly recommend that you learn this technique for turning within and make it a daily practice. Press the reset button on your fight or flight response to avoid the anxiety of daily activity.