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Group Meditation & Refresher Q&A

ALL SESSIONS ARE 12:00 CENTRAL TIME, so Be Sure you adjust for your time zone !!

Kelvin will lead a "Live" Group Meditation & Refresher for his students from around the world, including a Q&A (Question & Answer) session. This is a great way to follow up regularly with your initial meditation instruction. It will help keep you on track so the technique stays as effortless as possible, making sure you continue to get the maximum benefits

Each session also includes a topic of discussion that is meant to help us lead more productive, happier lives...

TOPIC: "Dualism" 

Why do spiritual teachers preach non-dualism?
Why do they continually seek out and need to justify theories of "oneness" with — the universe, God, the absolute, or other ideas?
Why do they warn us to not be "confused" by dualism?
Why do they fear dualism?...

Reminder: I speak about many topics from a spiritual perspective, to share ideas and insights that may help us to understand issues more clearly. I am not coming from any particular religious viewpoint or a belief-centered place. So, you should feel comfortable continuing to believe or worship (or not) in whatever way suits you. My hope is that my ideas might help you in your lives in practical ways.

You are encouraged to submit questions beforehand, whether you can attend or not. Of course, you may also ask questions during the live session.

The videoconference call-webinar will last about 1-hour.

This is an excellent way to not only ask your own questions, but also to hear how Kelvin answers other questions from people around the globe who have learned meditation from him.

Please SIGN UP HERE - When you sign up, you will receive all the Call-in information to join the videoconference call.

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Group Meditation & Refresher Q&A
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Group Meditation & Refresher Q&A