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Kel, as he is known to those who adore him, is one of the most incredible people you will have the opportunity to meet. He is also an amazing meditation teacher! His meditation classes were like nothing I have ever experienced
and I’ve been meditating for years.
I highly recommend working with him to anyone!
— Marni Blythe Borelli, Owner & Growth Hacker, Full Pocket Coaching - Comprehensive Coaching For Business Owners

WATCH this 3-min. video of Kelvin discussing his meditation technique...

the “Long-Term Effects” of his Meditation technique...

An interactive discussion with Kelvin’s students from across the U.S. & a talk by Kelvin on
how his technique of meditation changes
HOW we experience life itself!

"Seek Reality" podcast 07/09/18

"Seek Reality" podcast 07/09/18

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Dr. Tatiana and Kelvin Chin discuss how fear and unresolved, unconscious anxiety and uncertainty can run amok in our lives and lead to unnecessary fear driven decisions. Specific meditative entrainments can alleviate suffering and ease even fear of death and global transitions.


Listen to “Ask An Expert” with Kelvin Chin interviewed by Laura Jack...

WATCH this 1-hour WEBINAR (with SLIDES) to learn
How it turns on the Opposite of Fight or Flight & other Medical Effects

Karen Wyatt, MD

Karen Wyatt, MD

“DO NOT Make These 8 Common Mistakes in Meditation”
Watch this webinar of
Karen Wyatt MD & Kelvin Chin

Kelvin is an excellent teacher.
Among his students, he is thought of as a kind and humane person,
and a trusted and gifted professional.
— Laura Herhold, Designer