How To Learn

Kelvin Chin teaches people from all continents, including Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas. He works nights and weekends as well, so if that is a better option for you, let him know. Please indicate the Time Zone you are in, so Kelvin can coordinate calls with you. Kelvin teaches via Skype, FaceTime, GoToMeeting videoconference, Phone, and In-person.

5 Easy Steps...

“Learning how to meditate over the phone was incredibly easy, and very convenient. I was able to learn in the comfort of my own home, but still participate in a one-on-one experience. My ability to absorb every lesson was Kelvin’s main priority.”
— Lily O'Dare, Business Executive, New York


The first step is to schedule a FREE 30-minute Consultation with Kelvin to answer any questions you have about his “Turning Within” (TW) Meditation technique and class. Kelvin will explain the benefits that you personally will gain from practicing Turning Within.


LISTEN/WATCH a podcast or webinar of Kelvin discussing his TW Meditation technique.


The second step is to schedule a 1-hour appointment for your Personal Instruction with Kelvin. This is a private class, and can be during the day or evening, depending on your scheduling needs. Kelvin is available 7 days a week, by appointment.

Kelvin will literally walk you through the basics of the technique step-by-step on the phone (or in-person). You will meditate that evening on your own.


This class is scheduled the next day — after your Personal Instruction day.

  • More instructions about the technique
  • Redefining what we mean by “meditation”
  • What Kelvin means by “no focusing”
  • How to handle interruptions, and other practical tips
  • Q&A

You will meditate again with Kelvin.


This class is scheduled the next day and is the third day of the 3 consecutive days of initial instruction.

This class will increase your understanding, and the experience of the meditation technique will become even easier.

  • More instructions about the technique
  • Tips & suggestions for an easy, effortless practice
  • Understanding fully what is happening during meditation in the mind, body, emotions
  • Why understanding this is so important for correct practice and maximum benefits
  • Q&A

You will meditate again with Kelvin.


This last class is scheduled approximately 2 weeks after the Personal Instruction day, and will cover the “long-range effects” of the meditation that you will enjoy in the coming weeks, months, and years of your meditation practice!

  • Long-range effects of “Turning Within“ Meditation on our mind, body, emotions
  • What does it mean to “change the structure of how we experience“?
  • What’s the practical effect of expanding the conscious capacity of our mind?
  • What does our life look like months and years down the road now that we are meditating?
  • Ongoing personal follow-up with Kelvin for life
  • Q&A

You will meditate again with Kelvin.