Thank you, Kelvin!
I have just begun meditating again thanks to your refresher webinars and videos. I am looking forward to practicing your technique on a more regular basis and being a part of your meditation community.
Thank you for sharing your gift!
— Becky Robison, Marblehead, MA

group meditation & q&a webinars
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Kelvin’s MEditation Students

Kelvin has recorded 25 hours of “Live” Group Meditation and Question & Answer Webinars for his students from around the world. This is a great way to follow up regularly with your initial meditation instruction. It will help keep you on track so the technique stays as effortless as possible, making sure you continue to get the maximum benefits.

And this is an excellent way to get more insight and understanding about your own meditation, by hearing how Kelvin answers Questions from people Around the Globe.

By clicking on any of the below buttons, you will be taken to the “Turning Within” Membership Page. As one of Kelvin’s students, you have Unlimited access to that page. [A Password is required. If you do not remember the password, contact Kelvin.]

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Please help us continue to offer our Lifetime of follow-up to our meditation students Free of charge after the initial class. As you may know, the initial tuition fee only covers about half our expenses, so your donations are very important in helping us offer these
Group Meditations & Refresher Q&A sessions, and Phone/Email Follow-up.
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